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What a week! We not only got to spend time with our loved ones for Valentine's Day, but we also spent time in prayer and glued to the TV as reports were coming in regarding the tragedy in Florida. It has been an emotional time for all; particularly for those who lost their loved ones to senseless violence.

How could this happen in Broward County was a question asked last Wednesday by a tv announcer? There's no crime there. I heard the same question when we moved to this area and two children were abducted in Spotsylvania. Who would have thought? To be honest I had never heard of Spotsylvania. I do now and have since visited the beautiful area.

I believe that in today’s society of “quick fixes” we also suffer from the “it won’t happen to me” syndrome. Maybe it is time to start thinking that whether we live in the inner city or in a rural area, evil exists. Evil is often portrayed in the criminal acts they commit.

Those who are full of hate and evil will conduct their acts of violence whether with a gun, assault rifle, knife, explosives, box cutter or a motor vehicle. All for making it harder for the criminal mind to execute their intent.

When it is all said and done, the responsibility to protect ourselves rests with us. The simple math is there. There are more folks who inhabit this country than we have the police. When a crime happens, on the average it will probably take a good 5 to 10mins for them to respond. Do you know how much damage and injury can occur during this period?

Bottom line. The responsibility to protect ourselves rest with each one of us. Just as it is our response to have car insurance if we drive or fire insurance if you own a house, it is up to us to have the skills needed to defend ourselves and our family members.

The patrons of Self Defense America understand this principle of self reliance and responsibility. They train in our program because they want to be empowered to handle nearly any situation they may confront in which they may need to fend off an assailant and save their own life or their loved one.


Are you a parent of a high school senior? Or college-age student?

Is your child prepared for college — academically, mentally, and PHYSICALLY?

One minute you are changing their diapers and before you know it they are borrowing the family car. As a father of five children, I’ve been there. Now they are ready to enter into another phase of their life – college and young adulthood.

Are they ready? Are they prepared for the possible dangers they may face as they start planning to attend the college of their dreams? Can they defend themselves against any dangers at college?

This year we were fortunate to have several mothers join our program with their daughters to learn effective Self Defense skills as they prepared to go off to college. These parents were looking for a program that would provide their teens the ability and confidence to successfully confront the dangers that exists on today’s college campuses.

There is no time like today. Self Defense America offers what I call “Self Defense Life Skills.” We teach concepts and techniques that will take students well into their adulthood. The time to learn self defense is not when you are getting attacked.

So whether your son or daughter is a senior, someone who is being bullied, or you love your children enough to give them the gift of self confidence, focus, and empowerment come on in today for our back to school special.

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