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Online Pressure Point Training

Welcome to Self Defense America’s (SDA) Pressure Point Self Defense Training.  


The principles presented here are ideal for any martial arts or self defense practitioner.  Here, at  SDA our primary self defense system is Combat Hapkido, which is the creation of Grandmaster John Pellegrini.  It is an extremely versatile and comprehensive discipline of self protection. The result is a practical and realistic self defense system. 


The use of pressure points are used throughout the Combat Hapkido program just as they are in many other self defense systems.  The principles that you will learn with our program are universal principles that are not unique to any one system of self defense.  Once learned and applied this knowledge will enhance both your skills and success in defeating an attacker


This training is presented by its founder Russell Stutely.  He will serve as your guide and coach as you learn the concepts and apply them to your own system, be it Combat Hapkido (as practiced here at SDA) or your own martial art.  NOTE:  you don’t need to have had prior self defense training. Even if you have never been involved in martial arts and have never taken a self defense class, this material will still be invaluable.  The use of several of these concepts could mean a success in confronting an attacker.  


The regularly price for this information is $59.99.  However, we are currently offering a Christmas season 2021 special of $19.99 per month.  There is no long term commitment or contract to sign and you can cancel at anytime. 


You will also get access to our SDA videos which highlight the concepts and techniques associated with Combat Hapkido techniques.  


Just click below to begin your training and learn how to defend yourself in any situation.   

Click the PayPal button below to subscribe.  Within 24 hours you will receive your Username and Password and your unique link to access the online training.

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