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Self Defense for Women in Virginia

Are you looking for a women’s self defense program that will give with you or your loved one the ability to defend themselves in a variety of situation? Self Defense America is ideal for all women looking for a self defense system that is extremely easy to learn; yet highly effective.

Based on the concepts of Combat Hapkido, our female students learn the concepts and techniques needed to exploit the weakness of the human anatomy. Don’t let the name, Combat Hapkido, intimidate you. It was the intent of John Pellegrini (the founder of the system) to distinguish this system from other martial arts systems that are more sports oriented.

At Self Defense America you will learn the concepts to defend yourself in a non-threatening environment that is focused on providing all students with the knowledge to empower them with the self defense skills that are ideal for today’s environment.

Over the years, our female students have been successful in readily applying the scientific concepts and techniques taught to defend themselves against any individual. Why?? The system is not based on personal strength, but on learning and exploiting the weaknesses of the human body. When you learn our system, you will have the self confidence to handle a variety of situations ranging from an obnoxious drunk to an armed attacker.

Take control of your personal safety now.

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