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You've been invited to join our online Pressure Point training at the Special Rate of $14.99 per month.


To subscribe at this special price use the link below.  

Russell’s program consists of three levels totaling 22 modules and 215 lessons that are applicable to our Combat Hapkido program. The suggested price is $49.99 per month.  This includes certification at each of the three levels as you go through the program.


As a special thanks, members of SDA who have been with the program throughout the past year enjoy the discounted rate of $14.99 per person, per month.

As you all know (especially those who are my BBs) the addition of Russell’s material has been a benefit for us studying Combat Hapkido. The principles that Russell highlights are solid and apply to every self defense system, especially Combat Hapkido, and serve to enhance our Combat Hapkido skills with solid universal pressure point related principles and concepts.  This is totally voluntarily and you can cancel at anytime.  Not questions asked.  If during your first month of membership, you find that it is not worth your time or expense, I will refund your purchase.  You have nothing to lose.


Once you have signed up please give us 24 hours to send your member username and password and link to the program with videos and other important information.

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